Mistletoe, typically associated with holiday traditions, holds remarkable potential as a complementary treatment for cancer. Extracts derived from mistletoe have been extensively studied for their anticancer properties and immune-stimulating effects. The use of mistletoe in cancer treatment, known as Viscum album therapy, has shown promising results in improving quality of life, reducing side effects of conventional treatments, and potentially enhancing overall survival rates. By stimulating the immune system, mistletoe extracts may help in the fight against cancer cells and support the body's natural defense mechanisms. As ongoing research continues to explore the therapeutic benefits of mistletoe, it offers a compelling avenue for integrative cancer care.

In the early 1900s, Rudolf Steiner, a philosopher, lecturer, and brilliant innovator, perceived that one day in the future, mistletoe would be used as a remedy to treat cancer and other chronic diseases. Hence, where mistletoe therapy comes in. This therapy using mistletoe extract is a component of the practice of alternative medicine in an effort to create a better quality of life for people.

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Today, Mistletoe is one of the most used adjunctive cancer treatments in Europe and Canada.

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It grows as a parasitic plant on other trees in the middle of the winter, an unlikely time, and feeds off of these trees. These can have similar properties to cancer.

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The Mistletoe is cultivated on different trees — mainly apple, pine, oak, and elm, to name a few – and has different properties to address different types of cancer.

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Typically, in cancer patients, their temperature is low, which can reflect a low ability of the immune system to kick in.

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Currently, Johns Hopkins has completed phase one of a study on Mistletoe with positive results.

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Mistletoe can be given as a subcutaneous injection or an IV.

Several studies have shed light on the potential therapeutic benefits of mistletoe in cancer treatment. Research conducted by reputable institutions such as the National Cancer Institute and Johns Hopkins Medicine has explored the use of mistletoe extracts in improving quality of life and immune function for cancer patients. These studies suggest that mistletoe therapy may help reduce side effects of conventional treatments, enhance immune response, and potentially improve survival rates.

At Horizons of Health in Albany, NY, we invite you to explore a new perspective in your cancer treatment journey. Led by Jennifer Baer, our team is well-versed in integrative cancer care, offering an array of therapies, including mistletoe, to complement and enhance your conventional cancer treatments. These therapies aim to fortify you physically and mentally, helping you to better navigate your healthcare journey.

Don't wait to explore these powerful support options — reach out to us today to learn more about our pioneering mistletoe therapy, clinical trials, and comprehensive suite of cancer support therapies. Together, we can devise a personalized care plan that respects and enhances your current treatment regimen. Discover the difference that a holistic, patient-centered approach can make. Contact us today to set up an appointment and let us guide you towards enhanced wellness.

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