Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy?

Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy also known as 10 Pass Ozone is a powerful, innovative treatment that capitalizes on the unique properties of ozone—a naturally occurring form of oxygen—to enhance overall health and well-being. This therapeutic approach involves the infusion of ozone directly into the bloodstream under a controlled pressure environment. The ozone works at a cellular level to improve oxygen utilization, promote detoxification, and stimulate the immune system.

As an integrative health approach, it has been utilized for various conditions, promoting healing and wellness at a deep, physiological level. This pioneering therapy embodies the fusion of advanced scientific research and holistic health principles, making it a valuable tool in modern health and wellness strategies.

One Treatment VS The 10 Pass Device

The therapy begins by establishing an intravenous connection linked to a specialized hyperbaric ozone therapy device. Your blood is drawn into a particular container under negative pressure, which subsequently transitions to positive pressure as ozone is meticulously integrated.

Following this, the newly oxygenated blood is then infused back into your veins under positive pressure, enabling the direct and potent delivery of ozone's beneficial effects to your body.

General IV bag ozone treatments use only a single pass. However, through our experience with ozone therapy, we have seen significantly better clinical results using the 10 pass device and its hyperbaric administration of ozone treatment. Research has also shown that ozone therapy helps to improve mitochondrial parameters, with more passes showing greater results.

The hyperbaric ozone therapy device will continue drawing blood out, ozonating the blood under pressure, and then pumping the blood back into the body. The ideal number of iterations for this process is about ten times, hence the term “10 pass device”.

Who Can Receive Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy?

Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy, or 10 Pass Ozone, is a powerful, innovative treatment that capitalizes on the unique properties of ozone—a naturally occurring form of oxygen—to enhance overall health and well-being. We recommend hyperbaric ozone therapy for those with:

  • poor circulation
  • decompression sickness
  • radiation injury
  • non-healing wounds (e.g., diabetic foot ulcer)
  • chronic fatigue
  • chronic pain
  • Lyme disease
  • fibromyalgia
  • osteoarthritis
  • multiple sclerosis
  • immune deficiency disorder
  • autoimmune diseases
  • anyone interested in anti-aging and slowing the side effects of aging

Are There Side Effects?

Commonly, hyperbaric ozone therapy may result in a brief period of tiredness immediately following the procedure, typically lasting just a few hours. There could also be mild discomfort at the site of injection. A few individuals may encounter minor lung irritations or experience a slight headache.

How Often Can You Receive Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy?

While this depends on your symptoms and response to therapy, most patients benefit from treatments every 1-2 weeks, although they may be administered as frequently as twice a week.

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