Start Your Journey Back To Vibrant Health

At Horizons of Health, our team strives to provide you with the most effective and medically advanced techniques available. We are here to guide you back to vibrant health... resolving the underlying causes responsible for your chronic wellness issues.

When we connect on the free discovery consult, our patient coordinator will have a few questions for you so they can assess your case and share the ways that Horizons of Health may be able to help you on your health recovery.

We will likely have a few initial recommendations on potential treatment approaches and will use it to help decide whether we are the right fit for you, at this time.

Partnering With  Our Team

Why Is The Discovery Call Free?

Do you feel like you've literally tried "everything" when it comes to your chronic health issues?

It's unfortunate that 97% of Americans don't know that there's natural solutions to resolve chronic health issues once and for all.

That's why we are offering a free discovery consult where you can discover how functional medicine can help… and whether it's the right approach for you.

After all, you can't make new decisions without new information… and we'd love to fill in the blanks for you during that free chat.

Partnering With  Our Team

    Testimonials From Clients

    “I always appreciated Jennifer’s expertise in treating me and her genuine concern for my health and improvement. I did benefit from her help and was happy with the treatments.”
    – Carolynn K.

    “Jennifer and Emily are wonderful! They offer genuine support, and help patients make choices about their healthcare. They don’t fit everyone into a box or expect that one treatment will work well for every person. I love their holistic approach. It is so refreshing compared to traditional medicine.”
    – Anonymous Patient

    “We are fortunate to have Jennifer Baer and her team available to us. She is a sleuth – her approach is multi-faceted, thorough, and generous.”
    – Adelle L.

    About Horizons of Health

    Known for her successful approach towards chronic wellness issues, Jennifer Baer, Nurse Practitioner and her team at Horizons of Health combine an integrative, functional medicine approach.

    Our unique approach to diagnosing and resolving chronic health issues recognizes that lasting health depends on resolving the root causes of your symptoms. Click here to learn more »

    Your Next Steps

    After you have reviewed the information on our website and in our downloadable guides, we’d love to hear from you – to answer more specific questions about our approach and track record.

    Simply apply for a free discovery consult with our patient coordinator at (518) 755-6870 or via our online appointment scheduler.

    Areas Served

    ​Horizons of Health is located in Clifton Park, New York, and serves patients throughout Albany County, Schenactady County and Saratoga County including Ballston Lake, Ballston Spa, Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls, Amsterdam, Schenactady, and Albany.
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