Autoimmune Illness

An autoimmune disease is when the immune system starts attacking its own tissues. These autoimmune diseases usually develop slowly over time and the average person usually frequents approximately 6 to 10 physicians over a time span of about five years before a diagnosis is actually made. During this time, an ill patient has lost many years of quality living, many years of enjoying life, and many years of fulfilling dreams. If you’re looking for a specialist to treat your autoimmune disease, we can help!

Whether it be Hashimoto’s, Chron’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren’s disease, or Lupus, all are triggered by a certain stimulus that makes the Immune system overact. From there, a cascade of events can occur, leaving a person helpless and hopeless. Thyroid diseases are no different.


Symptoms can vary depending on where the actual attack occurs in the body. Pain, chronic inflammation, muscle weakness, hormone imbalance, dry eyes, and dry mouth are all manifestations of different autoimmune diseases. Diarrhea, abdominal pain, and blood in the stool are symptoms as well which occur when autoimmunity affects the gastrointestinal system. Chron’s disease can share similar digestive symptoms, which is why a proper diagnosis of your autoimmune disease is important.

Once a diagnosis is found, in mainstream medicine, treatment is focused on symptom management where medications are prescribed to alleviate symptoms as well as suppress the immune system. This can have consequences on an individual that can lead to issues later in life.

Autoimmune Disease Treatment

At Horizons of Health we offer a comprehensive approach to treating autoimmune disorders by addressing the root causes rather than just alleviating symptoms. By considering the body's intricate interplay of systems, it delves deep into environmental factors, genetics, and lifestyle choices that may contribute to autoimmune conditions. This patient-centric method fosters individualized treatment plans, emphasizing prevention and a holistic understanding of health.

We focus on getting to the source of your health concerns and treating them naturally to provide you with a long life of fulfilled living. If you want to regain control of your own body through a personalized autoimmune disease treatment plan, consider our specialist team for your autoimmune disease. Call our offices in Albany and Clifton Park, NY to seek integrative and functional medicine treatment from Jennifer Baer today!

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