When you’re looking for holistic Lyme disease treatment, Horizons Health is here for you. We love helping patients in Latham, New York recover from the symptoms that cause chronic fatigue and pain. Natural remedies and treatments help you recover faster and we’re here to help. 

What Is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that spreads through tick bites. Black-legged ticks are usually the ones that carry this bacterium. While not every tick carries the disease, it’s important that you watch for symptoms if you get bit. As the bacteria spreads throughout the body, it infects certain organs more than others. Getting tested early can help prevent these problems. 

Lyme Disease Treatment in Latham, NY

Diagnosing Lyme disease is often difficult. The symptoms are similar to other health problems. In most cases, doctors treat the disease with antibiotics. However, diagnosing the infection in the early stages can prevent antibiotic treatment. 

Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Although each person experiences different symptoms, there are some common ones that most people will have. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Fever 
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Round rash that looks like a bull’s eye
  • Fatigue - more tired than usual 
  • Aches in joints or muscles

These are the most common symptoms that people experience. Numbness, neck stiffness, and short-term memory loss are among more severe cases. If you think you’ve been bitten by a tick, it’s important to pay attention to any symptoms you have. Some of the above symptoms mimic other health issues. Watch your symptoms closely and contact a doctor if you experience any of them for several days. 

Functional Medicine Can Help

Functional medicine focuses on treating the whole body. Natural remedies gently help the body recover from the symptoms of Lyme disease and other illnesses. Your symptoms are a way of letting you know that your body isn’t functioning normally. The body has a restorative process when illnesses appear. Our comprehensive approach to medicine targets the cause of the illness, not just the symptoms. We help patients recover from illnesses like Lyme disease by using natural remedies that work well within the body. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out a few of our frequently asked questions below.

How Soon Should You Treat Lyme Disease?

The ideal time to treat Lyme disease is within the first 2-4 weeks of symptoms. Not every tick carries the disease. If you have a tick bite, watch for rash or swelling. If the disease isn’t treated early, it can cause serious health issues like arthritis or memory loss. 

Do You Need Antibiotics To Recover From Lyme Disease?

Sometimes it takes a while before symptoms appear. If you recognize Lyme disease in the beginning stages, it’s possible to get rid of it without using antibiotics. However, if you wait too long without any treatment, it can harm your organs. The nervous system, cardiovascular system, and joints can all suffer without treatment.

Contact Us For Holistic Treatment

Living with Lyme disease can feel discouraging and exhausting. Our team provides a holistic treatment plan that will help enhance your recovery and get you feeling better. If you’re battling the effects of Lyme disease, don’t do it alone. Contact us today.

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