Horizons Of Health is here to serve the community of Loudonville, NY at our Latham, NY offices. If you are looking for functional medicine treatments then we will be happy to meet with you. 

Functional Medicine At Horizons Of Health 

Functional medicine is a more holistic approach to treating various conditions and illnesses. A lot of times traditional treatments are like placing a bandage over a deep wound. Here are Horizons we take the whole picture into account. We take our time to sit with you and get a comprehensive history of your symptoms, treatments, and your life. Our approach is to take the whole person into consideration, this includes lifestyle as well as what you are feeling. 

Chronic symptoms are usually a sign of an underlying condition, Our team has worked with other physicians on learning alternative holistic, like IV therapy to help in the possible treatment of those underlying conditions. 

IV Therapy in Loudonville, NY

How Can IV Therapy Help?

Depending on what your health concerns are based on a consultation with us the use of IV therapy can be helpful because it is a treatment that aids in cellular health. The type of IV treatment that we utilize can restore enzymes that are naturally needed in our systems resulting in a healthier feeling over time. 

IV Therapy In Loudonville, NY

Our team of physicians is glad to help the people in the Loudonville, NY community and the surrounding areas who are seeking to treat the root causes of their ailments. Loudonville is known as a hamlet in the town of Colonie located in Albany County filled with many historical places to see and enjoy. 

What IV Therapy Treatment Does Horizons Of Health Use?

The IV treatment that we use is called NAD IV Therapy. NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. NAD is an enzyme that supports our cell centers and in return that support leads to help with mental clarity, digestion, energy levels, and much more. 

Common Questions

With any new treatment, there are going to be questions that come up, we have answered a few here. 

How Long Does NAD IV Therapy Last? 

This type of IV infusion varies from person to person. The results are different because people are different. The amount of time that you may need the treatment and the benefits will vary, the best way to get more information is to schedule a consultation. 

What Are The Benefits? 

As with any treatment, benefits can vary, it all depends on the unique individual. With that, there are some common benefits that many experience such as: 

  • Reduction of pain and inflammation
  • Improvement of metabolism and potential weight loss
  • Improvement in focus, mental clarity, and memory
  • Boost in mood
  • Much more

The best way to see if this form of treatment is best is to consult with one of our physicians. 

Request A Consultation Today

If you are ready to meet with our team, contact us today for an initial consultation so we can start to get to the root of your health concerns. 

About Horizons of Health

Known for her successful approach towards chronic wellness issues, Jennifer Baer, Nurse Practitioner and her team at Horizons of Health combine an integrative, functional medicine approach.

Our unique approach to diagnosing and resolving chronic health issues recognizes that lasting health depends on resolving the root causes of your symptoms. Click here to learn more »

Your Next Steps

After you have reviewed the information on our website and in our downloadable guides, we’d love to hear from you – to answer more specific questions about our approach and track record.

Simply register to become a new patient by calling us at (518) 755-6870 or via our online New Patient Registration Form.

Areas Served

​Horizons of Health is located in Clifton Park, New York, and serves patients throughout Albany County, Schenactady County and Saratoga County including Ballston Lake, Ballston Spa, Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls, Amsterdam, Schenactady, and Albany.
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